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Review Process:

The manuscripts for publication in Esensi Lingua are checked by peer reviewers and the editorial board. All the review processes are conducted in double-blind review. The Associate Editor handles all correspondence with the author and makes the final decision as to whether the paper is recommended for acceptance, rejection, or needs to be returned to the author for revision. 

The submitted manuscripts will be evaluated for the further review process by two or three qualified peer reviewers selected by the Associate Editor. The peer reviewers should examine the manuscript and return it with their recommendation to the Associate Editor, usually within 4 weeks. If there is a recommendation of rejection, the Associate Editor will ask a third reviewer to decide the acceptance or rejection of the paper. If the topic of the manuscript does not fit in the journal's scope;  the substance of the manuscript does not meet Esensi Lingua format and guidelines; the data may be incomplete; the methodology used is not appropriate; lack of novelties and no advancement of the existing knowledge; or there are no consistency among objectives, research design/method, evidence, and conclusion; the manuscript may be rejected. If the manuscript is rejected, the author will be notified by the Associate Editor with a statement of reasons for rejection.